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Posted On: 12/02/2021

We’re giving you a bucket list for the new month: smile, drink lots of water, and recycle.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Posted On: 11/25/2021

To appreciate is to have – Let us take this day to pave a strong future ahead with friends, family, and neighbors. Happy...

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Pet-Friendly Home

Posted On: 11/23/2021

Does your dog cat have its own comfortable place – a sanctuary from where it can’t be moved or asked to leave? If yes, w...

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Get Ready to Move In Today

Posted On: 11/19/2021

Do you want space, comfort, and efficiency, all in one place? There is no need to keep on looking – we have those, and m...

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Throwback Monday

Posted On: 11/15/2021

Let us have this nostalgic moment where we reminisce about the golden days with the best time-travel machine out there –...

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On-site Services

Posted On: 11/10/2021

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? It’s Super… Super maintenance and management services, anywhere on our grounds.

Cozy At Home

Posted On: 11/08/2021

November is more than a month – it’s the feeling you get when the weather is fuzzy, your favorite TV show is on, and bot...

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A Green Way of Living

Posted On: 11/05/2021

A main step in your green living journey is represented by the “plan ahead” mindset. For example, there are many ways to...

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Short Term Stay

Posted On: 11/04/2021

At Patterson Place, you enjoy short-term leases with full-term comforts.

Halloween Time

Posted On: 10/29/2021

We have the recipe for an amazing Halloween: cookies and candies, trick-or-treaters, and a little touch of spooks and ma...

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